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Equality and Diversity Policy

Stuart Hunt Ltd is a training and development consultancy specialising in leadership development, managing change, team development, interpersonal skills and personal effectiveness.   The organisation is a small business with two owner directors.   One focuses on product development and delivery, the other on managing the finances and administration. We also work with selected associates to meet clients' needs.

We, and all associates whom we invite to collaborate with us, are committed to providing learning opportunities and fostering environments that value and celebrate the diverse nature of the UK population, and of all the people with whom we work.   We believe that making the most of our diversity is one of the keys to unlocking potential for individuals and for organisations.   We will take positive steps to achieve equality in the workplace and we are committed to both meeting and exceeding our obligations under equality legislation.

In particular, we will strive to ensure that no participant is treated less favourably on the following grounds:

·         age

·         disability

·         gender

·         race

·         religion

·         sexual orientation

·         nationality

·         social background

·         or any other circumstance or condition that cannot be shown to be justifiable.


We welcome all participants and will ensure that their treatment is not discriminatory during the course, workshop or coaching assignment.


Equality and Diversity

We acknowledge that treating participants equally does not equate to treating all participants in the same way, but that their needs can be met in different ways.   We value diversity and will seek to enable all participants to realise their full potential.   We recognise that this may mean making special provision from time to time, and we will take all reasonable steps to accommodate everyone’s needs in the services we provide.   We will ensure that our associates and our clients understand and accept this ethos.


As it is not the intention of Stuart Hunt Ltd to employ staff, we do not have policies relating to recruitment and employment.


Named Individual Responsible

Stuart Hunt (Director)



Participants' feedback is collected from every course, workshop or coaching assignment and is monitored to ensure this policy is adhered to.


The policy is reviewed on an annual basis by the directors.   Last reviewed January, 2010, and the next review will be February, 2011.


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Conference Papers
  • Association of University Administrators’ National Conference, April 2002 – Contrasting Approaches to Process Review
  • Mirror of Truth Conference, Sheffield, June 2003 - Implementing Continuous Improvement
  • HESDA National Staff Development Conference, Nov 2003 – Leadership Development
  • Mirror of Truth Conference, Liverpool, June 2004 – Leading Change in HE
  • National (USA) Consortium for Continuous Improvement, Milwaukee, July 2004 – Integrating for Excellence
  • North West Regional Conference for Middle Managers in HE, Bolton, December 2004 – Influencing University Culture
  • National HE Staff Development Conference, Nov 2005 – Evaluating Organisational Development
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